Monday, September 27, 2010

What colors should I buy?

You will, of course, need the basic primary colors  Yellow, Red and Blue– but which shades in each?  Here are Kathaleen’s suggestions.  Feel free to come to the new Art Supply store inside ArtWorks on the Square for personal help and suggestions. 

Cadmium yellow light (cool – greenish tinge)    
Cadmium yellow deep (warm – orange tinge)  
Yellow Ochre (gray yellow) 
Naples Yellow (highlight yellow)
Paints needed for mixing to make often used colors: 
Transparent Earth Yellow,
Transparent yellow oxide,
Cadmium Orange.

Alizarine Crimson (cool – purplish tinge)  multi-use mixing color in pure form and also used a lot in hue form
Cadmium Red Light  - (warm – orangish tinge)
Paints needed for mixing to make often used colors:
Transparent Red Oxide,
Cadmium Red Medium,
Permanent red (transparent),
Quinacridone red (man-made transparent color) 
Quinacridone Rose – sometimes called Rose Madder (man-made transparent color)

Ultramarine blue (warm blue) and
Cobalt Blue (cool- purplish tinge) 
Cerulean blue hue does not mix clean, but is often used for skies. 
Phthalo Blue is man-made and is a good mixing blue with other colors and with whites.

Basic Earth colors: 
Raw Sienna,
Burnt Sienna,
Sap Green and
Raw Umber

Paints needed to make other often used colors: 
Phthalo Green (man-made) if using any white because its tinting strength is purer and it won’t gray the color. 
Viridian is the standard mixing green because it is naturally transparent but it looses its color when mixed with white.

Black:  Ivory and Mars.  When mixed with other yellow colors they can make great shades of greens.

Whites:  Basic is Titanium White.  It will lighten the value and tint of a color.  Winsor Newton has come out with a new mixing white, which is transparent, so it can adjust value in a color without changing the color.

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